Optilux Window 36"x65' Solvent Film 245gm 3648
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  • Size: 36"
  • Film Type: Clear




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    Optilux Window Film Solvent EasyTack SA 235 matt 3648


    Transparent polyester film with a matt coating for solvent inks. It is designed for high quality graphic arts

    applications on windows or in backlit boxes. The coating is suitable for areas with high humidity and condensation. The EasyTack glue is made for indoor and outdoor applications. Depending on the light conditions, the image is visible from both sides (limited contrast in backprint).


    Indoor short-term promotions

    Outdoor signage

    City Light Posters / Outdoor light box displays

    Very fast drying time

    Good water resistance

    The film is easily mountable on all smooth surfaces such as windows and can be repositioned without any glue residues on the surface.

    The product has an increased opacity to allow good contrast also with frontlight or bright backlight sources.


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    3648 OPTILUX Window Film Solvent Easy Tack SA 235 matte

    Optilux Window Film is a single-side, mattte coated polyester film designed for use with solvent inks. This 5 mil frontprint film is water-resistant, compatible with eco-solvent and volatile-solvent inkjet inks, and has superior dimensional stability and "lay-flat" properties typical of graphic arts quality polyester substrates. EasyTack gives firm adhesion to any window or smooth surface, but allows the printed film to be removed and re-installed elsewhere, multiple times, without any adhesive residue left behind.

    Store front windows, cooler doors, deli counters or lightbox displays where ease of installation is the key. After printing and trimming to size for the intended window, installation requires no special tools or professional training.

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