Clear Focus Curvalam 2mil Cast PVC Overlaminate 54"x100' 020054 CFCVL54X100
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Clear Focus CurvaLam Conformable, Pressure-sensitive Overlaminate

Curvalam is a 1.65-mil optically clear cast PVC, conformable, pressure-sensitive (cold) overlaminate with clear release liner. For use on CLEAR FOCUS One Way Vision exterior-mount window graphics and other graphics.  Designed for vehicle graphics and other outdoor applications on surfaces that are flat or have simple to moderate curves.

  • Use with roll-fed cold laminators; can also be applied manually to small imaged surfaces.
  • Superior clarity
  • UV protection
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Very good outdoor durability
  • Good resistance to salt water, cleaning solution, etc.


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Clear Focus CurvaLam

2mil for curved applications

CurvaLam: Clear gloss, PVC, permanent self adhesive for vehicles and other flat and contoured surfaces.

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