Gemini-Pro 60" Fletcher-Terry Cutter/Trimmer 04-741
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    Gemini Pro Cutter and Trimmer FT04741
    Our Most Accurate Cutting and Trimming Product
    Fletcher is pleased to introduce the Gemini Pro Cutter and Trimmer.

    With the Gemini's innovative cutting head you can switch from a blade cutter to a rotary wheel trimmer in just seconds. What does this mean for you?

    Takes up less space in your shop
    Saves time switching from one machine to the next in your finishing process

    Saves money in reduced capital investment
    The Gemini Pro is our most accurate cutting and trimming product; laser-aligned and guaranteed straight within 0.2mm over its length. For less strict tolerances, check out the Gemini Cutter and Trimmer.

    Quick release magnetic blade magazine offers multiple blade depth adjustment to cut materials up to ½" thick. This time-tested and proven open magazine design combined with Fletcher's state-of-the-art cutting head will not jam in any environment.

    Innovative rotary wheel technology provides consistent trimming in roll stock materials, and has been proven to trim for 1,000's of feet in a wide variety of fabric and vinyl products.

    Start saving space, time and money today.

    A size for every application:
    Gemini Pro: 40" / 1m, 60" / 1.5m, 80" / 2m, 100" / 2.5m and 120" / 3m

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