HP92S Clear Lexan Film Polished/Polished w/ Hard Coat .010x48"x100' Roll
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Lexan* Polycarbonate Film for Graphics
For the graphics industry, a range of tailor-made Lexan polycarbonate graphic
film and sheet products helps deliver top quality performance and unlimited
versatility. These materials are characterized by outstanding optical clarity and
mechanical strength, consistent printability and ease of processing. Top quality
is available in a wide choice of standard and high performance grades and a
variety of surface finishes and textures. From anti-fog goggles to skid-resistant
floor graphics, from crystal clear LED displays to large-scale in-mold decorated
parts, end products are durable, eye-catching and cost-effective.

Lexan polycarbonate films may be an excellent candidate for screen or offset
printing and they offer unlimited possibilities to achieve a variety of graphic
effects and intricate designs. They can be first (front) surface printed and, due
to their excellent clarity across all gauges, they may be suitable for second surface printing. They offer excellent ink adhesion without pre-treatment and consistently enhance colors, with no loss of depth or vividness in second surface printing. The films are compatible with a broad range of inks including solvent-based inks, many UV-curing inks, water-based inks and infrared curing inks.

Optical clarity
Across all gauges, high light transmission and low haze values make Lexan
film one of the highest clarity films available. Most Lexan films transmit 90% of
visible light, which is a key reason why these materials are commonly used for
LED/LC windows.

Thermal stability
The high heat resistance and dimensional stability of Lexan film allows close tolerance registration after repeated heating and drying cycles, as well as close proximity to illumination sources and other heat-emitting components. The
film permits end-use performance to 133°C (270°F), with a continuous use
temperature of 85°C (185°F).

Lexan film’s high melt strength facilitates thermoforming using a wide range
of techniques. These include vacuum forming, pressure forming, embossing,
matched metal forming, hydroforming, drape forming, thermal forming and
pressure assist forming. Lexan film also offers the capability to produce deep drawn, three-dimensional parts.

Design freedom
The Lexan film portfolio provides broad design versatility through its wide
range of product options. These fall into four broad categories: polished films,
textured films, flame retardant films and high performance films.


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