Pizazz Plastic Std. - Gloss White - Small 1/2" ABC 4-Pack 0313
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  • Product: Multi-Mounts
  • Style: Resin Standard Gloss Colors
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Pizazz Multi-Mounts Plastic

Pizazz multi•mount standoffs are made from a range of materials in a variety of sizes, finishes and colors. 

Standard colors
Nickel, Silver, White, Clear and Black in gloss or matte.

SA colors
Dark Red, Light Gray, Bright Yellow, Gray, Dark Green and Dark Blue. 
These colors match closely the colors of Sintra Foam PVC by Alcan Corporation.  Available in matte finish.
Note: Minor variations of color can occur due to the batch processes involved in manufacturing.

Size                                                Diameter
Small                                            12.50mm – 1/2”
Medium                                         15.68mm – 5/8”
Large                                            18.85mm – 3/4"  

Standoffs are made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They all have body - A part - and a front screw - C part.

What makes multimounts different is their B parts and D parts.

In single panel applications other standoffs have a single front screw which either has a small diameter thread (eg 4mm) which has a load carrying limitation, or a large diameter thread (eg 10mm) which requires unnecessarily large holes to be drilled into light panels. Multimounts offer you two options, a small thread on their C parts for light panels and a large thread on their B parts for heavy panels.

In image display applications the image is held between 2 panels - a back panel and a front panel. With other standoffs when the front screw is removed everything is released and to change the image and reinstall a new image as well as both panels is difficult and carries the prospect of damaging the panels, the image and/or the installer.

Pizazz multimount standoffs unique B parts enable you to secure the back panel separately from the front panel so that when the front screw - C part - is undone all that is released is the front panel and the image. That makes image changing easier, faster and safer.

In applications involving more than 2 panels Pizazz multimount standoffs give you many more options than any other standoff.



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