Pizazz Aluminum - Natural - Large 3/4" ABC 4-Pack 0530
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  • Style: Aluminum Range
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Pizazz Aluminum Mono-Mounts Natural Large 3/4" A&E 4-Pk 0852
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    Pizazz Multi-Mounts Aluminum

    Aluminum Range multi•mounts are machined from high quality solid aluminum rod in the following sizes:

    Size                                                Diameter
    Small                                            12.50mm – 1/2”
    Medium                                         15.68mm – 5/8”
    Large                                            18.85mm – 3/4"  
    XL                                                25.20mm – 1”
    XXL                                              31.55mm – 1¼”  

    Standoffs are made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They all have body - A part - and a front screw - C part.

    What makes multimounts different is their B parts and D parts.

    In single panel applications other standoffs have a single front screw which either has a small diameter thread (eg 4mm) which has a load carrying limitation, or a large diameter thread (eg 10mm) which requires unnecessarily large holes to be drilled into light panels. Multimounts offer you two options, a small thread on their C parts for light panels and a large thread on their B parts for heavy panels.

    In image display applications the image is held between 2 panels - a back panel and a front panel. With other standoffs when the front screw is removed everything is released and to change the image and reinstall a new image as well as both panels is difficult and carries the prospect of damaging the panels, the image and/or the installer.

    Pizazz multimount standoffs unique B parts enable you to secure the back panel separately from the front panel so that when the front screw - C part - is undone all that is released is the front panel and the image. That makes image changing easier, faster and safer.

    In applications involving more than 2 panels Pizazz multimount standoffs give you many more options than any other standoff.



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