MBX Electric Vinyl Zapper Monti Tool Starter Kit SE-0002
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Quickly remove vinyl vehicle graphics and adhesive in a single operation
Strip vinyl lettering, decals, and reflective tape from metal, glass, fiberglass or hard wood without damaging paint or the substrate
High rpm drives are gear-reduced for maximum performance and safety
Steady torque delivers constant working speed
Patented housing enables belts and eraser to run on a cushion of air, delivering flexibility and vibration-free performance
In-line operation provides increased control and maneuverability
Light weight to prevent fatigue
Available in pneumatic or electric models

The MBX Advantage

  • Rapidly removes corrosion and oxidation—both hard and soft material
  • Performs on uneven surfaces
  • Highly flexible in tight, uneven areas
  • No clogging or gumming of bristles
  • No grinding or removal of substrate material
  • Efficient cutting action—creates angular profile
  • Easily feathers into existing coatings
  • Cleans surface evenly
  • Full visibility of work surface
  • No heat development
  • Long performance life and low cost of operation
  • High safety level
  • The Eraser Wheel is designed with notched fingers that grab the edge of the vinyl and peels it from the surface
  • Remove vinyl and adhesives without damaging OEM paint or harming substrate material
  • Multiple layers of vinyl—old or new—can be removed at one time in hot or cold weather
  • Labor is reduced by over 60% and turns a tedious task into an easy operation
  • The MBX Vinyl Zapper will remove 35-50 sq. ft. of vinyl per hour
  • The MBX Vinyl Zapper is available in pneumatic or electric models
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