SGC-100 .150"x100" Clear Lexan Coil Polymasked
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Untitled Document Lexan™ polycarbonate sheet is a naturally transparent, "crystal-clear" material with excellent aesthetic properties, high impact strength and ease of design and formability. GE Plastics offers this product for general purpose, textures, optical quality, UV High Impact Strength

Virtually unbreakable in a broad range of applications

Excellent Clarity

Water-clear material with high light transmission and low haze, capable of transmitting 90% or more of visible light

Available UV Protection

Excellent longterm Ultraviolet protection with good color stability

Excellent Formability

Capable of forming by most conventional cold or thermoforming methods

Options for Fire Retardancy

Widely used for construction, enclosures, and cladding that requires UL conformance
resistance, solar control, sign and flame retardant grades.
Available in a wide variety of coil sizes and thicknesses.  Trimmed or untrimmed edges


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